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the 'doggy bag' of bath bombs

the 'doggy bag' of bath bombs

Are you looking for the best solution in terms of price? models from previous seasons is not a problem for you. Well here is the perfect kit


1 bag of $20 contains $30 of bombs or bubble bath at their lowest price (ex. if I reduced them to 40% I take the price at 40% to do my calculation) which is usually at least 40 $ at the original price... A nasty deal!


In the 'doggy bag' of bath bombs you will find bombs that I want to get out of my inventory. Some a little older, sometimes discolored/imperfect, unpainted but all still just as effective in the water. There may be some broken on the lot, but the majority will still be flawless. 1 doggy bag contains at least 500g of products, i.e. at least 5 bath bombs.

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